Alameda Troop 11


For Over 83 Years...

For over 83 years, Boy Scout Troop 11 has served the youth in the community of Alameda.

Troop 11 offers Scouts fun and adventure in the Great Outdoors with activities such as hiking, fishing, camping, canoeing, and climbing.

Scouts learn camping, pioneering and problem solving skills in outdoor based activities. They also develop leadership skills through interaction with peers and adult leaders.

Since September 2005, Troop members have constructed a "kiddie" safe play area for a local pool; re-roofed a storage building for a local museum; and constructed planters and painted railings for a local child service agency..

During the 2004-05 school year, Troop 11 members participated in community service projects including:

  • Coastal Cleanup
  • St. Vincent's Home - furniture refinishing and new furniture construction
  • Christ Church Sunday School - classroom painting
  • Holiday Toy Collection
  • Outdoor Learning Center, Lincoln Middle School - Information Kiosk
Troop 11 Scouts are active in their schools and in their community.

New Eagles

Congratulations to new Eagle Scouts Eric Kim, Vincent Morgado and Jamie Levi.

Click here for a list of Troop 11 Eagle Scouts.

Christmas Tree Pick Up/Recycling

Troop 11's annual Christmas Tree Pick Up/Recycling is underway. Scouts are knocking on doors throughout the island of Alameda selling recycling tags to residents. Click here to find out more.

purchaseClick here to purchase a Christmas Tree Pickup/Recycling Ticket

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